Consortium for Promotion and Protection of Asparago Piacentino


Consorzio di promozione e Tutela dell'Asparago PiacentinoThe consortium of Piacenza producers is a small but concrete reality formed in 2009 that over the past few years has created a true "supply chain short "(producers and processors) involving restaurants and farmhouses as well as direct sales company or at the structures of GDO.
 The mark of the consortium is the first guarantee of "tradition and quality" of product and a guarantee for the consumers to buy a product from Piacenza, obtained in respect of a particular set of voluntary and even more restricted than that provided by regional standards, in order to give greater food safety of the product. The specification provides, inter alia, the use of innovative cultivation techniques particularly as the "pyroweeding" superseding that the use of herbicides, as this is the burning of weeds, without any chemicals to the soil.

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President: On. Emanuela Cabrini


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