Cured meats factories, dairies, wineries, vegetables in Piacenza's province


The database is designed to provide all the particulars indications and informations to the user (consumer) to identify very quickly the suppliers (producers) of typical and traditional food and wine of the province of Piacenza. The archive is available in an easy and intuitive mode, scrolling through individual product categories (wines, cured meats, cheese and dairy, fruit and vegetables, others) or by searching for keywords.
There are also farm-houses (listed here) reported as a celebration of knowledge, taste and purchase of both typical and traditional products (eg the so-called "cooked meals", represented largely by food recipes and preparations).



The company entered are cataloged and classified into major categories, (shown on the left) to help steer the direction of research. By clicking on the category you want to be shown the companies and information for any contacts such as telephone, fax and the internet site where this is present (scrolling with the mouse pointer over the name, it automatically switches to connect to the  company web site). Simple no?! We invite you to browse Tipicopiace pages carefully and also consult the informations on food and wines from Piacenza (Typical products and Traditional products). We believe these news and updates on a continuous basis, will become essential for you to organize your visits in our valleys.


Strada del Po e dei sapori della bassa piacentinaRoad of river Po and Flavors of Low Piacentina enhances the territory adjacent to the river Po, in the municipalities of Besenzone, Caorso, Monticelli, Cortemaggiore, S. Pietro in Cerro, Castelvetro and Villanova.

Strada dei vini e dei sapori dei colli piacentiniRoad of Food and Wines Colli Piacentini wants to know the history, traditions, land, the natural taste of the territory of Piacenza.

Consorzio dell'asparago piacentinoThe Consortium of Piacenza's Asparagus, formed in 2009, has created a true "short chain" (producers and processors) involving restauration as well as direct sales company or at the structures of GDO.


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To make more efficient and faster search, you can type the name of the product or company in the 'Search' field, present in all the pages of Tipicopiace in the upper right. Can be used both simple words (eg. ham, bacon, garlic, etc..) or composite (eg. red wine, parmesan cheese, etc...).