Territory, origin and intuition

A territory, the province of Piacenza, who besides being a strategic geographical crossroads, it is for everything that comes to the historical, social, and then wine. Between Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont were intense cultural exchanges, behavioral and social and commercial ones of course, raw materials and agricultural products included.
City Theatre of Piacenza, best known as "Municipale"Today Piacenza, as well as other areas in our country, and is well summarized the close link between territory (understood in its geographical features, climate and topography), agriculture (let us not forget that everything has its origin in the fields) and intuition than traditions and entrepreneurial skills. An aerial photo of our province show a dual aspect, first south of the Po plain, with its extensive crops (cereals, fodder) and horticultural specialist (especially the tomato, "red gold") but also with the stables and cattle herds (milk, then cheese) and pork (meat and dairy products, meats). And finally, the hill becomes a mountain that it touches the Liguria to the south, where agriculture before giving way to the woods, manifested in the cultivation of grapes (and wine production) is at its most relevant. The hilly land for viticulture is expanding from west to east the entire province, especially in characterizing the landscape in which are in harmony solid history, culture, tradition and enograstronomia.

A tool to know the territory
Here is our portal aims to be a knowledge of the whole for all the fans, the "wine tourists" and also for those who habitually consume, or want to start doing, even though the products had never been Piacenza in Piacenza. in progressAlso because the new legislation to protect and ratings of the product (and consumers) sometimes leads to confusion Igp, Igt, Dop, Doc, Docg, Sgp.. local products, traditional products .... the goal is noble, but the result sometimes is not so automatic. We would like also to clarify, for those who will browse the pages of this site, the goal of all these acronyms tuttosommato is clear and for us consumers.
We do not deny that we too have spent a fair time for setup and breakdown of the information contained in TipicoPiace, just to try and match with the usual demands of those looking for information when it comes to food. What is "the cup Piacenza? How is it produced? Where can I buy? And maybe, where can I find a restaurant or, better, a farmhouses that has traditional dishes on the menu Piacenza?
Veleja Romana, an ancient Roman settlementCertainly the site could be, with time and use that you will do, enriched in content and improved in use. In any case, today is a "unique" for our area, containing references to technical production and the characteristics of about 50 products (wine, salami, cheese and dairy products, vegetables and more) along with references and details of over 350 companies from which you can taste and buy. All this is not just an alphabetical list of companies and products, we would rather it was interpreted as a mirror of the territory of Piacenza, with its history, its peculiarities and especially with women and men who have been able to pass on the ancient traditions today, cleverly combining them with the possibilities offered by modern technology. Moreover, even TipicoPiace exploits and uses modern technology (the web, your computer) anyway very respectful of what our area offers. A near-zero impact.