Gutturnio Festival 2011



On 4 and 5 June, the returns show dedicated to the King of red wines from Piacenza.
Two days of tastings, discussions and direct meeting with winemakers and wineries of Piacenza, in the picturesque scenery of the fifteenth-century Palazzo Comunale Carpaneto Piacentino, Castello Scotti Vigoleno.
Producers and Sommelier of AIS and FISAR illustrate the organoleptic and sensory, and will accompany the wines from Piacenza with some typical products known around the world and traditional dishes prepared by renowned Chef and students of the School of Hotel of Piacenza.
The upper floor of Town Hall will be dedicated to the discovery and promotion of the territory of Piacenza and its excellent food, with the presence of the Association 
Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli PiacentiniStrada del Po e dei Sapori della bassa Piacentina and Uppennino Piacentino. In this context, you can taste and buy the DOP (denomination of origin products) Piacenza, famous throughout the world, cured meats, honey, olive oil and cheese.
Among the new features in this sixth edition of the GUT Festival remeber the  Library dedicated
to Gutturnio, and, thanks to the twinning with the German region of Pfalz, the unusual presence of Winechanges, the association of young wine producers in the area, with tastings of their wines, especially whites still.
Finally, at the Enoteca del Gutturnio you can buy the best wines of participating in the Festival GUT - selected by a committee that also gives a highly qualified Quality Award to the best Gutturnio wine - and wine and food packages with the typical products of Piacenza, famous around the world.
Gutturnio The Festival is organized by the Municipality and the Association GUT of Carpaneto Piacentino, born right to promote the event and enhance the excellence of the wine country. The Association on a voluntary and non-profit organization, is currently composed of people who in recent years have created and grew the Gutturnio Festival: Patrizio Campana, owner of The Winery La Ciocca, Nicola Montesissa, owner of the farm Francesco Montesissa; Fabio Bernizzoni, commissioner for agriculture and tourism of the Municipality of Carpaneto Piacentino, President of The Wine and Dine Colli Piacentini and agronomist, Pietro Brunelli AIS sommelier.

Quality Award
The GUT Festival is always very attentive to the quality of the wines presented, are in fact admitted to the event, only wines that pass the screening of a severe Tasting Committee.
premium Gutturnio Qualital Commission sees among its members professional tasters, influential journalists, restaurateurs quoted Sommelier AIS Fisar and famous and known members of the Slow Food: Giancarlo Grassi, sommelier at "Osteria del Teatro" of Piacenza, Massimo Volpari, wine shop and breeder of wines for the Slow Food guide, Daniele Repetti, chef at "Il Nido del Picchio" of Carpaneto, Roberto Gazzola, owner of the restaurant "La Palta"of Bilegno, Vittorio Barbieri, co-selector of wines by the Slow Food guide, Elena Simonetti, sommelier and Massimo Marruchi Sommelier AIS.
Also this year the Commission will give a tasting of "Corporate Quality Award", a reference to the quality of wine Gutturnio the five producers that stand increasingly seeking the way of quality. 
The wineries worthy of mention the quality will be rewarded with Vinarelli areas created by the artist Maurizia Gentili, certificates created with a technique that uses wine pigments, tannins and anthocyanins, which penetrates the paper and oxidation, after evaporation of the party alcohol and water damage the tint. Getting the color is all a game of layers, flow and density
The allocation of the Mention of Quality will be the evening of June 4.

Exhibitors List

Azienda BARACCONE - Cà Morti 1, Pontedellolio - tel. 0523/877147
Cantina VICOBARONE - via Creta 60, Vicobarone - tel. 0523/868522
Cantine CAMPANA - Ciriano, Carpaneto - tel. 0523/859448
Azienda CA' ROSSA - strada Gasperini 1221, Cortina di Alseno -  tel. 0523/947562
Azienda CASA BENNA - Casa Benna, Castell'arquato - tel. 0523/803356
Azienda CASCINOTTA - Cascinotta di Rizzolo, San Giorgio - tel. 0523/530260    
Azienda CORDANI MARCO - Montine 62, Celleri - Carpaneto - tel. 0523/850130
Cantine F.LLI BONELLI - via Roma 86, Rivergaro - tel. 0523/956126
Azienda FORMAGGINI - Casa Pallaroni 21, Ziano - tel. 0523/868540
Azienda GAZZOLA Pietro e Stefania - Donceto, Travo - tel. 392/1774757
Azienda GENESI DIONISIO - st.da Corano 139, Borgonovo V.T. - tel. 0523/860082
Azienda IL POGGIARELLO - Il Poggiarello, Scrivellano - Travo - tel. 0523-957241
Società IMEDHIA GESTIONE SRL - I RONCHI, via Verdi 46 - Piacenza - tel. 335/5646108
Azienda LA BUCA - Costa Negri 11, Castell'arquato - tel. 0523/804248
Azienda LA CAMINA' -  Caminata 1, Bacedasco Basso - Vernasca - tel. 0523/947544
Azienda LA CIOCCA - Cà dei Signori, C. Rocchetta - Lugagnano - tel. 0523/859448
Azienda LA TOSA - La Tosa, Vigolzone, tel. 0523/870727
Azienda LE TORRICELLE - strada Pillastrello 2/a, Agazzano - tel. 335/6911750
Azienda LOSCHI ENRICO - via Riva 10 - Bacedasco, Castell'arquato - tel. 0523/895560
Azienda LUSENTI S.S. - Casa Piccioni 57, Ziano - tel. 0523/868479
Azienda MARENGONI - Casa Bianca, Pontedellolio - tel. 0523/877229
Azienda MOLINELLI - via dei Mille 21, Ziano - tel. 0523/863230
Azienda MONTESISSA FRANCESCO  - Rezzano, Carpaneto - tel. 0523/850123
Azienda PERINELLI - I Perinelli 3, Pontedellolio - tel. 0523/877185
Azienda PIANI CASTELLANI - via E. Parmense Est 12/14, Pontenure - tel. 0523/511322
Azienda PICCIONI & PASTORI - Costa Gravaghi 4, Castell'Arquato - tel. 0523/803670   
Azienda ROBERTO MANARA - Vicomarino 140, Ziano - tel. 0523/860209
Azienda TENUTA LA TORRETTA - Torretta 1, Nibbiano - tel. 0523/997008
Azienda TENUTA PERNICE - Pernice di Castelnovo, Borgonovo V.T. - tel. 0523/860050
Azienda TERZONI CLAUDIO - Paolini 5 - Bacedasco Alto, Vernasca  - tel. 0523/895476
Azienda TORRE FORNELLO - Fornello - Ziano, tel. 0523/861001
Azienda VILLA ROSA - via Micheloni 5 - Bacedasco Basso, Vernasca - tel. 0523-895224
Azienda VILLA ROSALBA - Celleri - Carpaneto, tel. 0523/850148   
Azienda VITALI MARIO e LUIGI - Cesura di Trevozzo, Nibbiano - tel. 0523-992063
Istituto Scolastico - ITAS "G.RAINERI" - Gossolengo, Piacenza- tel. 0523/458929

The tastings will be held June 4 from 15 to 22 and June 5 from 10 to 22.
To access the tasting is free enough to withdraw at the special cup (which you can take away) and 5 coupons that allow you to taste as many wines.
CLICK HERE right now to confirm your participation and print the coupon to be presented at the entrance, which entitles you to access the first 5 tastings for only 10 Euro. And with the GUT Festival returns also Piacentina Table, an initiative that will allow you to taste traditional dishes in many restaurants Carpaneto Piacenza and environs and those who adhere to the "Strada dei Sapori dei Colli Piacentini. The tastings will help you to deepen your knowledge of wine Gutturnio, its unexpected potential and the best food and wine pairings. Will be analyzed with the help of the sommelier, the organoleptic characteristics of Gutturnio and then give ample space to the deepening of the endless possibilities of combination between wine and food, thus discovering the many opportunities to reach out with the cured meats and traditional dishes. Download the evaluation form

Tavola Piacentina (piacentina's dining table)
Gut Festival is an opportunity to experience the cuisine of Piacenza, in restaurants Carpaneto area, after visiting Gutturnio Festival and learned what is necessary to know on a combination of food and wine through the initiative called Tavola Piacentina. These restaurants, as well as offering lunch and dinner menu typical of the Valleys Piacentine, offer the best food and wine pairings: to rediscover the tradition, the 4 and June 5 will present the traditional cuisine combined with an emphasis on the Piacenza Gutturnio Frizzante DOC Colli Piacentini. In addition to taste the famous "pisarei and fasö" (pasta and beans) and other traditional dishes, so you can discover an enchanting land full of history, culture, tradition and nature. Carpaneto join the initiative and its many restaurants and those that are part of The Wine and Dine Colli Piacentini.

Gut is also a show on Saturday night and will be dedicated to the meeting and knowledge with new generations, through a Happy Hour, which encourages young people to approach the Gutturnio Sparkling Wines Piacentini and the other to learn the characteristics, the charm, versatility and to rediscover the aperitif in the Italian tradition, with a good glass of red and delicious meats and cheeses.

Schedule of events
Saturday, June 4: from 16 to 18.30, the Quartet will perform jazz GIORGIO SCLAVO.
Multi-faceted musician and teacher, many years with the band Sound4Sale which he co-founded the original composer of songs of the group. He also collaborates with the singer-songwriter Francesco Camattini Parma, the soul-funk group The Yellow, the group JohnnyKellog & TheCornflakes rock'n'roll.

Sunday, June 5, from 16 cabaret and live music with DANIELE RACO.
Comedy, professional musician and bluesman, but above all monologues, has participated in many television programs including "See you on Rai Uno," "Never say Sunday" and "Zelig Off 2008." It is not only an actor but also an author and has already five solo performances.

MONDAY grand finale 'on June 6 with the showing of the movie' GEORGE Cogny 'directed by Francesco Barbieri and Andrea Capinari, at room BOT in the Hall of the City of Carpaneto Piacentino, at 21:30.

Promoters of the event

City of Carpaneto Piacentino
The City of Carpaneto Piacentino Gutturnio hosts and promotes the Festival since the tradition of viticulture and winemaking has ancient origins in its territory. Carpaneto area is heavily planted, so as to be in fifth place in the Province of Piacenza in the number of wineries and vineyards. The wine has a very important role in local Carpaneto Municipal Administration is trying to actually make use of this land, including through initiatives such as the Festival Gutturnio adherence to the Association of Wine Cities.

Consorzio di Tutela Vini DOC Colli Piacentini
Supervises name, product quality, use of trademarks and compliance with self-regulatory agreement approved by the shareholders. It is also engaged in the development of DOC Colli Piacentini promotional activities by taking actions to make them known in Italy and abroad.
Parma and Piacenza Winegrowers Association was formed in 1990 with the aim of marketing products and wine to enhance the production in line with the guidelines of EU agricultural policy and the national and regional agricultural programs. The Association also aims to encourage the participation of producers to agricultural programs, to offer qualified technical assistance to wineries associated coordinates specialized courses and research programs.

Association of Food and Wine Road of the Colli Piacentini
And 'non-profit voluntary association made up of 53 members and 36 private institutions and public shareholders (provincial administration, municipalities and associations in the area).
Among its objectives arises for the claim of historical, cultural, environmental, economic and social development of its territory. Pursues the promotion of economic development through the promotion of tourism packages, built on the quality of products and services, enhancing the wine production and agriculture, agri-food activities and gastronomic specialties, production and services, as part of eco-economy, the natural attractions, historical and cultural environment on its way.

Emilia Romagna
Piacenza Province
Banca di Piacenza
Pro Loco Carpaneto
Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna
A.I.S. - Italian Association of Sommeliers
FISAR - Federation of Italian Sommeliers hotels catering
School Food Centre