Piacenza's cured meats

First and foremost, the "Consorzio Salumi DOP Piacentini" (Consortium of Piacenza DOP Cured Meats) ensures that all production regulations are respected and that no one, other than its members, uses the protected designation “Coppa Piacentina DOPSalame Piacentino DOP - Pancetta Piacentina DOP”. It also sets out to promote ‘salumi piacentini’, the cured meats from Piacenza, and give them their due recognition.
Dop labelThe designations: Coppa Piacentina DOP, Salame Piacentino DOP and Pancetta Piacentina DOP are reserved for cured meats  which respect the conditions and requirements laid down by the “production specifications” of the Consorzio Salumi DOP Piacentini, registered with the E.U. in Brussels under regulation (EC) n.510/06 and recognized by regulation (EC) 1263/96. The DOP ‘salumi piacentini’
are put onto the market bearing a special mark, which  guarantees the origin and the necessary checks, required by law, to testify their quality and true identification. The area of production includes the whole of the Province of Piacenza.  Piacenza is the only province within the E.U. to have three DOP ‘salumi’.