Piacenzianische Tour

A day in Chiavenna valley (one hour far from Milan), including Doc wines, red or white, a slice of typical salami, hot crust of a slice of bread, the drop of a typical cheese, honey and the transparency of the testimony of the era of ancient sea Pliocene. Autumn and spring are definitely the best seasons for hiking tours of fossil flowers and vivid colors, savoring the flavors of the wine of the vintage or new, with the pleasure of being able to enjoy a good glass of chilled wine in the warm and lazy summer or a tear of the past in long, cold winter days the warm hospitality of the chimney and Piacenza?
A view of Chiavenna valley in PiacenzaThe Winery Buzzetti Fabio offers you all this organizing Piacenzianische Tour, created ad hoc paths to the discovery of Chiavenna valley, whose wealth, nature, history and scenery, combine the jewels paleontological and winemaking traditions, making it unique. Every weekend, and on request during the week, we organize visits to the Natural Geological Reserve of Piacenziano, with particular attention to the badlands and the vineyards, the discovery of fossils and mollusks mineralized bodies of those who populated the warm waters of the sea covered these areas up to 2 million years ago, a journey through the remains of whales still in the area, as evidenced by the recent discovery of a bust of dolphin 3,5 million years ago, right up to the hole of the whale, including overhangs, rows and breathtaking views. The beautiful, then, will join the good in a complete tasting of typical local products, from meats to bread, honey, cheese, table grapes, from homemade jams and sauce and tomato sauce, fruit and seasonal vegetables, to wine, red or white, sparkling or still, everything typically Doc Colli Piacentini.
Typical lunch with Piacenza's productsSpace, then, good food with lunch or dinner in typical farm-based products Piacenza, such as chisolini, and the pisarei e fasö, the ricotta and spinach tortelli, roast the cup or homemade cakes. Visit, finally, the historic winery, the new production area, the riding with the horses, the teaching farm, vineyards and natural beauty, historical and artistic area. Ability to purchase products directly from the farm or home delivery, access to facilities to the disabled, ample parking for campers, free wireless Adsl internet, with garden vegetables in season, visits in English, French and German, service mountain biking, children’s area and host animals. In case of bad weather presentation of the Natural Geological Reserve of Piacenziano at the Geological Museum Giuseppe Cortesi of Castell’Arquato, guided tours on request to Castell’Arquato, Vigoleno, Chiaravalle della Colomba, Veleia, Piacenza and other places of historical and artistic Piacentino.

The schedule for the day
•    Arrival Winery Buzzetti Fabio at Chiavenna Rocchetta, to discover the world of the god Bacchus with a visit to the historic wine cellars, to the production area, the vineyards surrounded by the Badlands;
•    Piacenzianische Tour of the Calanques, the fossil remains dating back 3,5 million years ago, the vineyards Pliocene, the Natural Geological Reserve of Piacenziano, in search of shells and molluscs mineralized but perfectly preserved (we recommend comfortable sports shoews or boots);
•    Return Winery Buzzetti Fabio, wine tasting in the cellar of the Colli Piacentini Doc in combination with Dop Piacenza salami produced by the same, with the option of buying wine and local produce directly from the winery (fruits and vegetables, table grapes, grape must in season, honey, meats Dop Piacenza, homemade jams, tomato sauce and tomato paste);
•    Transferring to the farm Prato Verde at Prato Ottesola and reception;
•    Typical lunch in the kitchen Piacenza, here’s the menu (€ 35 each):
- Antipasto salami Dop and chisolini
- Pisarei and fasö or ravioli with ricotta and spinach
- Duck, guinea fowl or pan roasted with potatoes cooked in a wood oven;
- Cakes and homemade sweets;
- Coffee;
- Liquor Bargnolino, walnut and brandy homemade;
- Water;
- Vini Doc Colli Piacentini.

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