Aglio bianco piacentino (Piacenza's white Garlic)


Brief description of the product. The name "white garlic of Piacenza" means the bulbs obtained from the cultivation of local varieties of garlic "Otto" and "Serena" in the geographical bounded area of ??production.
Area of production. It includes the entire municipalities of Besenzone, Cadeo, Calendasco, Caorso, Castelvetro Piacentino, Cortemaggiore, Fiorenzuola, Gossolengo, Gragnano Trebbiense, Monticelli d'Ongina, Piacenza, Podenzano, Pontenure, Rottofreno, Sarmato, San Pietro in Cerro, Villanova e parte del territorio dei comuni di Agazzano, Alseno, Borgonovo Val Tidone, Carpaneto Piacentino, Castell'Arquato, Castel San Giovanni, Gazzola, Ponte dell'Olio, Rivergaro, San Giorgio Piacentino, Vigolzone.
How to Obtain. The planting of the bulbs should be performed during the period between September 20 and November 20 and preferably in the month of October, using seed (cloves) certified varieties belonging exclusively to "Otto" or "Serena". The sowing must be carried out so as not to exceed the maximum density investment of 270,000 plants per hectare. The physiological maturity Garlic White Piacenza normally starts between June 20 and July 15, consequently the harvest ends, as a rule, in the middle of the month and no later than July 30. Garlic, once extirpated, reamins on the ground, clearly set out in rows, until complete drying. Operations have been completed in the field of drying garlic is tied in bundles and then placed in the farmyards for final drying. It is then placed in small piles and placed in special rooms, waiting to be brought under conservation sites and conditioning.
History. In Piacenza, until the nineteenth century, the cultivation was only in family gardens. The earliest mention of statistics relating to the production of garlic in the open field date back to 1922. In later years the cultivation of the open field did not take long to develop. In 1947 was formed in Piacenza the Provincial Consortium for Horticulture with its own brand name and a specific Economic Section Manufacturers of Garlic, SEPA, which now stood out mainly for the export of this product to the United States. Over the last thirty years the cultivation of white garlic of Piacenza has assumed a position of considerable importance, occupying about 10% of the national area planted to garlic, with an average annual production of about 3,000 tons. From 1978 to Monticelli d'Ongina takes place every year an event-conference dedicated Garlic white, and in particular to local varieties (Ottolini and Serena).
The tradition of growing garlic allowed to make a long and painstaking job of varietal improvement, culminating in the selection of local varieties of garlic "white Piacentino".


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