Antica varietà di nocciola piacentina
(Piacenza's old varieties of Hazelnut)


Brief description of the product. Round hazelnut of Piacenza.
Area of production. Western valleys of Piacenza province, with particular regard to Val Tidone and Val Luretta.
How to obtain. Material for the plant: shoots from mother plants of genotypes detected. Planting density and training systems, pollinators: shrubs placed at a distance of 3m in the row. Requires the presence of wild pollinators to be representative. Cultural practices (soil management, fertilization, etc.) are made ??by local crafts. They recommended the organic fertilization and permanent grassing. Pest management: no treatment on vegetation except for the treatment against mites with sulfur.
A bit of history. The cultivar originally known as the "Tonda della Val Tidone" seems originally from that area (province of Piacenza) from which it spread in the last hundred years. Some very old bush is visible in Val Tidone and Luretta.


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