Antica varietà di patata piacentina
(Piacenza's old varieties of Potato)


Brief description of the product. Potato cultivars "quarantina"
Area of production. Piacenza territories of high Val Trebbia (Cerignale, Ferriere, Ottone, Zerba) and High Val d'Aveto (Alpepiana, Casoni d’Amborzasco, Orèzzoli). This variety, also called Bianca di Torriglia, is also present in the adjacent valleys of the rivers Scrivia and Graveglia
How to obtain. It is grown at 400-500 meters above, preferably, sandy soils. Is sown between St. Joseph (March 19) and Good Friday, and harvested from late July to late September, to reach markets from October onwards. The harvest of potatoes for consumption occurs after the plants have become dry. All operations, from planting to weeding to harvesting are still done manually, so as to permit a careful choice of the product that is of round shape and calibration checked and no signs of damage


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