Antiche varietà di olivo piacentino
(Piacenza's old varieties of Olive)


Brief description of the product. Olive cultivars Monte Giogo di Lugagnano and Mazzoni di Vernasca.
Area of production. All hilly areas of the province of Piacenza from the Val D'Arda and Val Trebbia
A bit of history. The cultivation of olive trees in the territory of Piacenza has very old origins and documented by numerous historical sources. In particular, land records, inventories, laws and regulations of the High and Low Middleages show that this species was also cultivated in Piacenza. Recently, Ughini and Al (2001) report the receipt in the altitude range between 100 and 600 meters above sea level of the 32 olive accessions, some of which are apparently very old.


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