Antiche varietà di pera piacentina
(Piacenza's old varieties of Pear)


Brief description of the product. Pear, varieties: della coda torta, lauro, limone, ammazza-cavallo, bianchetta, butirro (like butter), san giovanni, gnocco autunnale, sporcaccione, senza grana, signore, turco, spadone.
Area of production. The entire province of Piacenza with a greater expansion in the municipalities of Besenzone, Bobbio, Calendasco, Castell’Arquato, Gropparello, Lugagnano, Morfasso, Piozzano, Ponte dell’Olio, S. Pietro in Cerro e Villanova.
How to obtain. Rootstock: ungrafted and quince. Planting density and training system: the mother plants of these cultivars are grown in volume shapes (pyramid or vase) with planting density of at least 6 x 6 m. The new plants are kept in compressed form (Palmetta) with spacing of 5 x 3 m. Cultivation techniques are performed according to local traditions.
A bit of history. Annals of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Italy containing facts, observations and memories over all parts of the economy setting the Cavalier Filippo Re in 1813, dealing with agriculture in the district of Piacenza, gives the name of "thirty-one variety of pear 'some of which (Ammazza-cavallo, San Giovanni, Signore, Gnocco autunnale, Dalla coda torta, Spadone, Bianchetto, Limone, Butirro, Senza Grana, Turco) are still grown in the province of Piacenza. The Institute of Arboreal Cultivation of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Catholic University of Piacenza has conducted detailed investigations since the '60s on the characteristics of local varieties of pear (Fregoni E. 1962 which mentions, in addition to the varieties listed above and also for Lauro an Per Sburdacion - V. Ughini, R. Roversi and A. Valli 1980). In the province of Piacenza, however, has proven ancient traditions from the identification and characterization of the fourteen cultivars of Piacenza and documented a large number of other varieties mentioned in recent publications (eg. Ughini A. Roversi, V., 1992, thesis M . Donati 1982 describing the provinces of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia 42 pear cultivars).


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