Antiche varietà di uva da tavola piacentina
(Piacenza's old varieties of Table Grape)


Brief description of the product. Table grapes varieties: verdea, besgano bianco, besgano rosso, bianchetta di Dioli, bianchetta di Bacedasco.
Area of production. Territories of the province of Piacenza: Val Tidone is the main production area of Verdea, Val D'Arda of Bianchetta di Bacedasco and Bianchetta di Diolo, while the Val Chero from Gropparello to Carpaneto Besgano Bianco e Rosso.
History found.
- Verdea: grape typically of Piacenza, even if grown in some other province. There is no precise information on its origin, but already in 1300 there was talk of Verdea or "Colombani", whose name is still shown the same cultivar. The most famous grapes of Piacenza, which can compete with the grapes of southern Italy for its long shelf life. It also has excellent organoleptic qualities, producing good, regular, good resistance to transport. Widespread especially in Val Tidone.
- Besgano bianco: cultivar of origin of Piacenza, was his area of choice in the Val Chero, and still remains a growing area of the zone Sariano di Gropparello. The white besgano is not suitable for transport over long periods.
- Besgano rosso: is the unique variety of red grape table of Piacenza, excellent in all respects. It is common in Val Chero and until a few decades ago was easy placement on the market of Bergamo.
- Bianchetta di Bacedasco: Piacenza variety known in ancient times. Is so called because particularly common in surrounding of Bacedasco, which also belongs to Castell'Arquato municipality.
- Bianchetta di Diolo: typical grape of the province of Piacenza, which takes its name from the omonymous village near which it is grown. The production is quantitatively and qualitatively good and also the cultivar has a medium resistance to transport.
The Institute of Arboreal Cultivation of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Catholic University of Piacenza has conducted detailed investigations since the '60s, listing and describing the varieties of table grapes reported as indigenous in the province of Piacenza (M. Fregoni 1963).


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