Bomba di Riso


Originally, the rice bomb was a traditional dish for the feast "Madonna of August" (15 August).
Ingredients: rice, pigeon meat, cheese, butter, nutmeg, onion, mushrooms, carrots, salt and pepper, bay leaves and eggs.
Preparation: The rice bomb looks like a shell of cooked rice which is the mess of golden and browned over low heat.
Inside there pieces of pigeon, previously cooked with butter and spices. Chop the onion, brown it with butter, add the meat and washed clean of pigeon, boned and cut into pieces. Mix into the seasoning and add salt, pepper and nutmeg. After about 15 minutes add the mushrooms soaked previously, a couple of bay leaves and simmer, adding a few tablespoons of broth if necessary. Grease with butter a smooth rectangular pan with high sides, sprinkle with bread crumbs put half the rice cooked "al dente"; drained will once topped with egg, remaining butter and grana padano cheese. Leave a void within the mold in which storing the pigeon meat and gravy. Cover with remaining rice and sprinkle the surface with grated bread, some butter and then brown in hot oven. When done, let it sit for a few minutes and topple into a serving dish and serve.
History: Elisabetta Farnese, Queen of Spain (wife of Philip V) was particularly fond. Therefore, his first minister, Cardinal Giulio Alberoni, did not fail to propose the presence of "rice bomb" on the table along with real meats and cheeses from Piacenza.
This is an old Piacenza specialty that was prepared for the feast of "Madonna of August". The ancient custom was to cook the birds whole and bone in when they were placed in the bomb of rice. In the nineteenth century the poet of Piacenza Valente Faustini (1858-1922) devoted himself to this delicious product a poem in dialect of Piacenza.
Area of production: Province of Piacenza


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