Cappello del Prete (Hat of priest)


The name is quite explicit in this meat dish that is just the typical shape of the hat worn by priests from the late 800.
Ingredients: Priest's Hat is made up of a container made from pork rind that is then filled with a mixture of pork.
Preparation: the entire muscle of the shin bone and inverted front and degreased, is said to have put in salt for several days. After salting, is upset with the pigskin back outside and then sewn to the ends before being left to dry for 2 or 3 days at a temperature that will result in loss product free water. Salting is done by hand, using salt, spices. Then the product is placed in cold rooms for several days. It is cooked as the most famous sausages and pig's trotters and is served with mashed potatoes, lentils or spinach. Serving Suggestions: still or sparkling red wines of the area that can "clean the palate" the feeling of "Grease" of this tasty treat.
Area of Production: The production area comprises the whole of the province of Piacenza
History: Among the specialties of Piacenza pork products there are only cured meats, but cooked meats. It is said that Giugliano Cardinal Alberoni, Piacenza great diplomat and prime minister at the court of King Philip V of Spain, points out that Elizabeth Farnese, Piacenza as well as raw meats, cooked favored even those - including his hat on the priest.
Servings suggestions: red wines of the local area, frizzy or still, such as to "clean the palate" the feeling of "grease" of this tasty treat.


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