Other typical cake, biscuits in this case, the name derived from the first (ring are made and sold in real series).
Ingredients: white flour, eggs, sugar and milk
Preparation: Mix the ingredients from which a fairly firm dough cut into thin strips, about 8-10 cm long and merge the two extremes, giving the ring-shaped. Spread on a greased baking pan a few inches away to prevent them from sticking together during cooking.
History: The "small ciambelle" were once sold on market days to the street corners and until recently, according to tradition, were given away to the confirmation candidates from their godparents. It appears that these donuts were already known in early 1300 and that the monks of the Church of San Savino they did homage to the canons of the cathedral. Historian of Piacenza, Aldo Ambrogio, indicates their appearance in the second half of the 700 at the upper Tidone Valley. In 1764, with "Warning" issued by the Audit Committee strictly prohibited export "outside the State of any kind of donuts those commonly named "Bocciolani" of Pianello. Now the production is more prevalent at Mamago (S. Nicolò) which is holding its annual festival.
They are sold in bakeries and fresh pasta shops loose or held together by a thread as to form a collar, are typically sold in supermarkets in prepackaged bags.
Serving suggestions: They are very tasty dipped in milk for breakfast or lunch at the end of this time but always dipped in white wine.


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