Characteristic of Emilia Romagna, have spread a little everywhere, as evidenced by the many synonymous which are called: siccioli, grassoli, lardinzi, grepole, pork scratching, or sfrizzoli. At Piacenza, are better known as "sbrisoloni" or "grasei" (dialect language) and are in fact the residual flesh and cartilage of the processing of sausages and meats, mainly consisting of byproducts (waste) processing of pork and even duck. They appear as irregular pieces of meat more or less dark brown color, depending on whether the merger has taken place at the bottom and high temperature. Residual fat and rich in flavor, greaves are widely used in regional cuisines that they uses lard, as the Neapolitan, Roman and Emilia.
Ideal to enrich cakes, sauces, omelets, or to accompany polenta can also be eaten alone. Hot-pressed together with spices such as pepper and bay leaves, turn into a kind of meat that can be stored for long periods and in this case to taste sliced like a real sausage.


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