Coppa Arrosto


Traditional dish, for the replacement of the classic roast is a bit everywhere. The Coppa arrosto is in fact an alternative "tasty" to other roasted meat (usually poultry or beef) and is pretty easy to find in the menus of local inns and restaurants in the territory of Piacenza.
Ingredients: fresh Coppa of pork and tanning (or tub tanning sauce) made with dry white wine, butter, olive oil, onion, rosemary, salt and pepper.
Preparation: let hang for a few days the coppa fresh, larded with garlic and rosemary and brown in a pan with olive oil, butter and chopped onion.
When it is well browned, wet the roast with half a glass of dry white wine and continue cooking (preferably in the oven with a lid) side and bathroom several times with sauce to keep it soft.
At three quarters of the cooking, remove the lid of the container, so that the roast color is good and the sauce is shrinking.
Serve the "coppa" into slices, sprinkled with its sauce on a hot plate.
Serving suggestions: Red wine preferably still (Gutturnio or Barbera).


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