Although much lesse known of the most noble culatello di Zibello, culatello of Piacenza area known as the "culatello of fogs" and has very little inferior to the more noble cousin Parma, so that the experts consider it very difficult to understand the differences.
Ingredients: Culatello derived from the posterior femoral muscles and inner thigh of the "italian heavy pig" with salt, flavorings and preservatives.
Preparation: after cutting the anatomical part, this is subjected to trimming, steps made by hand. Before salting, and a subsequent step in cold storage, is tied up with string, so as to keep the shape of a "pear". After three days of salting, culatello is further cured with light smoothing. After this period, and cleaned of any excess spices, stuffed into a pig's gut, then drilled and tied in a spiral.
The curing is carried out in ambient temperatures of about 14-15° C and relative humidity between 80% and 90%.
The maturation period lasts at least 12 months from the time of salting.
Area of Production: The production area comprises the whole of the province of Piacenza
History: In Piacenza - hilly and low-end of the bordering area of Zibello - are renowned the Culatelli. This production is counted among the popular traditions Piacenza since 1800 and some documents show the use of this meat in the local cuisine. The production area at the time of the DOP of Zibello durings the State Pallavicino also included the current municipalities of Piacenza, Cortemaggiore and Monticelli, bordering the province of Parma and culinary traditions are very similar.
Serving suggestions: red wines (Bonarda or Gutturnio frizzy or still)

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