Focaccia con ciccioli


Ingredients: white flour, water, fresh cracklings, lard, yeast and salt.
Preparation: the greaves pork are cut into pieces, fried in a pan with lard and let it warm. Blend in the flour that you join greaves warmed and let the dough rest for an hour, is shaped in a rectangular shape with a thickness of about 1,5 cm. you bake for 35/40 minutes at a temperature of 230-240° C. The typical rectangular shape depends on the trays usually used. Serve either hot or cold.
History: An ancient legend dates back to 1155 a curious anecdote: Federico Barbarossa, in passing in this location (Borgonovo had not yet been established but there was a large group of houses) with his troops exhausted and hungry, was refreshed by the local population with a lot of this "Focaccia". The army of Federico I, fed and satisfied with this food, went on his way without causing damages to the people.
Area of production: Tidone Valley (Piacenza), sold in the delicatessens and bakery shops.


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