Gnocchetti con fagioli (Gnocchi with beans)


Recipe of excellence of local cuisine, whose traditional peasant is very old. It is a first course characteristic and unique, delicious and flavorful, although the ingredients are poor. In the beginning it was a valuable product and flour mingled with a little flour so the bread and cheese.
Ingredients: for the dough should be flour, bread crumbs fried with broth, and seasoning for the sauce are dried beans, onions, carrots, celery, tomato sauce, sausage, lard (beat of fat), oil olive oil, grana padano cheese.
Preparation: place bread in a bowl and burn it with a bit of hot water, mix with flour until you get a soft dough. Take portions as big as a lemon and strip form rolled, cut into pieces of not too big and crush them to dust them with flour, one by one with your thumb until you get the form of dumpling (in the tradition is made with a method a bit other than that only skilled hands can prepare). Are derived from mixing cylindrical thin strips are cut into small pieces to get the dumplings that are boiled in salted water, drained and seasoned with bean sauce. The sauce is prepared by the oil and fry the chopped vegetables in bacon, sausage and chopped then add the drained beans and cook over low heat for an hour. Remember that cooking pisarei is optimal when they float into the cooking at this point we need to drain, making sure they remain moist beautiful "as they say in the dialect "basòtt" thoroughly in a bowl and toss with the sauce.
History: There are several explanations for the word "pisarei" (local dialect), the most reliable are two: the first arises from the distortion of the word Piacenza "bissa", (snake) like shape of the strips of dough before being cut. The other, which derives from the Spanish word "Pisar", that is "crush", in fact the dumplings are rolled under the fingers to give them the traditional way.
Area of production: Province of Piacenza.


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