Lumache alla bobbiese (Snails Bobbio's way)


Preparation. When snails are caught in a winter hibernation, is very easy to prepare it; just boil them, pull them out of the shell, remove the black needle at the bottom which causes the bitter taste: that's it. When, however, are not captured in hibernation to prepare them to be flushed first. Must be ordered in a large tub in which it is made ??of corn flour (maize flour). The container should be covered with a mesh securely fastened to prevent the snails from escaping away. When they are well cleaned, the snails must be killed imerging in vinegar (further eliminate secretions) and then immerging them in boiling water.
A Bobbio do so: prepare a pan of boiling water, insert the snails for about fifteen minutes then roll out using a fork, it eliminates the bottom part black, which causes the bitter taste, they are washed in warm water and then are placed in a bowl covered with coarse salt, also you pour a glass of white wine at room temperature. After settling for a couple of hours the snails are cleaned with a cloth to remove any remaining slippery and soak in white wine for over an hour, then you go through a colander and wash under running water. At this point they are ready for cooking.
Sauté with olive oil and butter mixed with chopped onion, and just 'ready to enter the sautéed snails and sprinkle with white wine and let evaporate, then add some tomato to color, add salt and pepper with a sprig of parsley chopped celery, nutmeg and cook with low heat for more than three hours.
Ingredients (4 servings): 1 kg of snails (in shell), 700 grams of celery, 700 grams of carrots, 700 g leeks, 250 grams of olive oil, 100 grams of butter, tomato sauce, onion, salt.
Tips. The tradition wants them with a side of spinach. Dish of the Christmas period. It can also be used for a starter of fish as a main dish or combined with hot polenta.
Area of production. City of Bobbio. This is an ancient and typical recipes of Piacenza's Appennini; in fact at Bobbio are masters in preparing this recipe, where among woods and vineyards are abundant snails.


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