Pane schiacciato (Flat bread)


Ingredients: cornstarch, water, yeast and salt.
Preparation: In the water add the yeast, then flour and then before all the flour has been absorbed, add the salt. Working until the dough is soft and silky but not sticky. Turn out on a floured work surface and work to give the shape of the ball and then let rise. A few hours before baking to form balls of dough and lay them once the rise in oblong shape. Bake in the oven and when ready to be brushed with honey or sprinkled with sugar or sprinkled with salt and oil.
Area of production: Tidone valley
History: It is made every time you make bread and were generally for children, adults will still dipped in bowls of warm white wine for breakfast. Even today there are some festivals in Val Tidone dedicated to this product.


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