Stracchino gelato (Stracchino parfait)


Parfait consisting of layers of cream and almonds, coffee, vanilla, chocolate and eggnog.
Ingredients: whipped cream, sugar, toasted almonds, vanilla sugar, couverture chocolate, coffee, eggs, Marsala or white wine.
Preparation: divide the ingredients in containers - five - of various sizes but the same shape. Preparing the eggnog beating the egg yolks with sugar until frothy, add the wine (or marsala) little by little and cook in a double boiler, stirring constantly, until the eggnog has thickened without boiling and then allowed to cool. Toast almonds in oven, chop finely and grate the chocolate, whipping cream and stir in remaining sugar.
In the largest container mix the ground almonds for the cream, in accordance with the finely ground coffee, vanilla in the third, fourth zabaglione (made before), fifth in the grated chocolate. Place in refrigerator (frezeer) to freeze and when everything is hardened, remove from the various containers and arrange on a serving plate, forming a sort of tower.
History: In the past they were used sheet steel with double cover that allowed it to pull out the contents. The boxes were put under the snow to freeze or in the garden or in the ice. It was the typical sweet on Christmas Eve.
Area of production: The entire province of Piacenza.


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