Tartufo nero estivo (summer black Truffle)


Brief description of the product. The size of the Tuber aestivum varies from those of a walnut to an orange generally rounded shape. It grows in plains and hills up to 1300 m above sea level, in symbiosis with many forest species among these include oak, pine, beech, hornbeam, birch and hazel.
Area of production. Pre-hills area, hills and highlands of the province of Piacenza
How to obtain. The truffle cultivation is made in an area of land where there are plants that naturally produce truffles. Before putting the bedding plants you need to check if the soil characteristics are suitable to the development of the tartufo, through a chemical laboratory specialized in analysis. The plants should preferably be carried out in soils with pH values around 7 or 8, rich in limestone, poor in organic matter and loose texture. You decide which areas to be used for the cultivation of truffle and mycorrhizal plants is necessary to prepare the soil. The planting of seedlings should be carried out in the fall so that plants can take root well and to overcome any dry periods in spring and summer, with a planting density varies depending on tree species and species used for truffle mycorrhization. Even after an initial production at 10-12 years after implantation, the truffle should be periodically maintained by tillage, irrigation and any pruning
A bit of history. The first information on the botanical truffles found in the "Historia plantarum" by Theophrastus, greek author of the fourth century BC, considered the father of botany: describes them as fungi, plants imperfect without roots, leaves, flowers and fruits, and calls them "hydnon.
Pliny the Elder (first century AD) in the "Historia naturalis" distinguishes them from the mushrooms, but was unable to determine precisely, and speaks widely.
Tips. Fresh truffles, once cleaned with a brush and left to dry on a towel, is put into a pot of rice, glass, hermetically sealed and stored in the refrigerator, where it has remained for about a month.


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