Colli Piacentini Bonarda

Data sheet
The wine is made from grapes "Bonarda Piemontese" or "Croatina for at least 85% and other grapes, for a maximum of 15% of similar color and variety registered or licensed in the province of Piacenza.
Maximum production should not exceed 13 tons. per hectare and the yield of wine shall not exceed 70%.
Color: ruby red, sometimes intense
Aroma: characteristic, pleasant
Taste: dry or sweetish or amiable or sweet, slightly tannic, fresh, quiet or lively
Minimum alcoholic strength by volume: 11.50%
Temperature: 18 ° C

Serving suggestions
still version
-grilled white meat
-pasta sauce
-pasta and beans (pisarei and faso)
-fish soup

Serving suggestions
frizzy version
-pasta with tomato sauce

For the "sparkling" versione the chemical and organoleptic characteristics are as follows:
Foam: fine and persistent
Color: ruby red of varying intensity
Aroma: fruit, viny
Taste: sweet, harmonious, soft, velvety
Minum alcoholic strengtg by volume: 11,50%
Serving temperature: 8° C
Excellent with crumbly pastry and fruit in spring.

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