Colli Piacentini Cabernet Sauvignon


Data sheet
The wine is made from grapes from the vine for at least 85% and other grapes, for a maximum of 15% of similar color and variety registered or licensed in the province of Piacenza, with a maximum production of 10 tons. per hectare and a yield of wine not exceeding 70%.
Color: ruby red, sometimes grenade
Aroma: characteristic, pleasant, slightly herbaceous
Taste: dry and sweet, slightly tannic,
Minimum alcoholic strength by volume: 12.00%
Serving temperature: 18-19° C, requires a slight oxygen
It's particularly suitable for aging, retains its best quality for an average of 3 / 4 years. Wine suitable mainly for meat, fried and coals, rich aromas and succulent.

Serving suggestions still version

-roast beef
-hard cheese


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