Colli Piacentini Malvasia Passito


Data sheet
It is a wine made from grapes dried on racks and plants in the traditional manner, and crushed until the 1st December of the harvest. The varieties used are "Malvasia di Candia aromatica" at least 85%.
They can also contribute to the grapes from other vineyards and aromatic, recommended or approved by the province of Piacenza present in a business up to a maximum of 15%.
The maximum yield of fresh grapes to be processed into finished wine may not exceed 40%.
Color: golden yellow;
Aroma: intense, aromatic, characteristic;
Taste: sweet, soft, balanced, intense, aromatic, quiet;
Minimum alcoholic strength by volume: 14,00% vol.
Minimum alcoholic played strength by volume: 4,50% vol.

Serving suggestions
- biscuits
- sweet creams
- fruit pies


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