Colli Piacentini Monterosso Val d'Arda


The Monterosso is a blend, namely the complex of grapes (authorized and recommended) grown in the area for this specific product, typical of Val d'Arda. The production of this wine is limited to an area especially in the territory of 6 municipalities in the Valley.

Data sheet
Obtained from the grapes "Malvasia di Candia aromatica", "Moscato Bianco" (20 to 50%),"Trebbiano Romagnolo" and "Ortrugo" (20 to 50%). They can also be used to produce the wine, even the grapes from the varieties of "Berverdino" and / or "Sauvignon", and other white grapes and recommended and authorized for a maximum of 30%. The maximum production yield per hectare is 10 tons, the yield of wine can not exceed 70%.
Colour: from straw to golden
Aroma: mild, characteristic
Taste: dry, sweetish or amiable, fine and thin body, quiet or lively
Minimum alcoholic strength by volume: 11,00%
Serving temperature: 10° C
Thera are Monterosso frizzy and Monterosso sparkling.

Serving suggestions
- appetizers
- light pasta dishes and soups
- fish
- fruits and sweets (Monterosso amiable version)


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