Colli Piacentini Novello


It's the first and only wine produced and sold in the year of the same vintage and must be bottled before 31 December. It's a wine made from blends of grapes and to be consumed within a short period, (ready to drink), suitable for any occasion.

Data sheet
The wine is made from grapes "Pinot Noir" and / or "Barbera" and / or "Croatina (locally called Bonarda)", alone or in blends of at least 60% and other red grape varieties recommended or authorized in the province of Piacenza, with a maximum production of 13 tons. per hectare and a yield of wine not exceeding 70%.
Color: ruby red
Aroma: characteristic, vinous and fruity
Taste: dry, sweetish, tangy and fruity fragrance, quiet, sometimes lively
Minimum alcoholic strength by volume: 11,00%
Serving temperature: 16-18° C

Serving suggestions
To be drunk young, just bottled, it goes with seasonal dishes for every meal:
-boiled and braised light
-baked potato


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