Colli Piacentini Vin Santo di Vigoleno


Production area
The production area comprises the territory of the grapes from the hills between Ongina and Stirone valleys of the common of Vernasca, particularly suited to ancient tradition. In that area, known to the ancient village of Vigoleno, the vinification, aging and bottling bottles in the classic "Renana" can only happen in the town of Vernasca.

Data sheet
It is made from grapes dried on mats, and plants of the varieties of "Marsanne" and/or "Beverdino" and/or "Sauvignon" and/or "Trebbiano Romagnolo" and/or "Ortrugo", at least 60%. May contribute also to produce this wine, even the white grapes of varieties recommended or approved in the province of Piacenza, with the exception of those aromatics. The maximum production yield per hectare is 5 tons., and the yield of wine may not exceed 30%.
Color: golden amber or more or less intense
Aroma: intense, aromatic, distinctive
Taste: sweet, aromatic, full-bodied, velvety
Minimum alcoholic strength by volume: 18,00%
Serving temperature: 9° C
Ages 48 to 60 months in wooden barrels for up to 500 liters.

Serving suggestions
-blue cheese or seasoned
-chocolate cakes


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