Salame Piacentino DOP


Salame Piacentino DOP is produced using only the pieces of meat and pork fat. The raw material comes from pigs born and raised in Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, while the working area covers the whole province of Piacenza, where, as we learned, this product is now for centuries.

- will initially be chopped and joined together that both lean and fat, using a grind rather coarse in full respect of tradition;
- mixing, during which they added salt, spices and wine in carefully measured quantities;
- the mixture is then stuffed into a natural pork casing, tied and left to dry in special rooms for about a week;
- followed by another period of maturation that lasts for at least 45 days.
The finished product is cylindrical, with a weight ranging from 400 grams to 1 kg, is produced by pproximately 85% of lean meat and 15% fat, the slice has a compact appearance.

Product features

The product is presented in the thin part, bright red, are distinguishable and well-distributed fat lard of a pinkish white, typical of this coarse salami. The fragrance features a delicate aroma of seasoned meat, accompanied by a slight hint of spice.
The palate is soft, but compact, sweet and tangy at the same time, with a delicate aroma of the seasoned products.
Salame Piacentino DOP must be introduced into commerce, in possession of DOP, which guarantees its origin and compliance with conventional manufacturing practices.

Geographical area of production
Herds of pigs intended for production should be situated within the territories of the regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.
The pigs must be of not less than 160 kg. aged nine months, and have the characteristics of Italian heavy pigs determined under EEC Regulation No. 3220/84 concerning the classification of commercial pig carcasses.


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