Who we are

We thought TipicoPiace and we realized it, because we are dealing with communications services, marketing and advertising for agricultural and agro-industry, and why we live Piacenza. Advercom is a company that since birth (founded in 2004, so we are still young...) has made working with newspapers and specialized trade fair organizers, supporting the commercial activities and communication.

More recently we have started to make web services directly, with the aim of going to fill those gaps which we believe were in the information world of the Internet, resource use, and fortunately more and more widespread, more and more rich in information but shows symptoms, some cases of concern, confusion of "information redundancy."
We started from the area that is closer to us historically, that wine, making Oenogrape, a bilingual portal (Italian and English) dedicated to suppliers of the wine in which there are over 2,000 companies (both Italian and foreign) that produce or market 's entire spectrum of machines, technical equipment and services from the installation of the vineyard bottling. Before AgriPiace we launched, a portal geographically circumscribed but built around the needs and peculiarities of the territory in which we operate (the province of Piacenza) totally devoted to agricultural enterprises that can have a repertoire of their commodity suppliers to "doorstep ". Now it TipicoPiace, the latest in home Advercom presenting the territory of Piacenza as a "typical" food, which is what makes us proud of our traditions, typical dishes, products and last but not least our land full of curiosity, art and history.

For the realization of TipicoPiace cooperating in particular:
- Paolo Messa (agronomist) to classify content, and currently is the marketing manager of the portal.
- Lisa Toracchio (graduated in Marketing) for the system architecture, and currently is responsible for data entry and SEO (search engine optimization).
- Giordano Chiesa (agronomist, a journalist) to oversee.